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Principal Message

Mrs. Lemenager

Egling Families and Students,
Welcome Back! I hope that you all had a restful summer and that school is off to a great start. We are so thankful to have a more normal feel to the beginning of this school year. As we embark on this year it is important for us to remember how difficult distance learning was and what a better experience school can be in person. It is always important to look toward the future but remembering past experiences gives us the opportunity to be thankful of where we are today. So, with that, take this year as an opportunity to do some goal setting for a successful school year.
Students set an academic and personal goal for yourself. Choose something that will push you to do better than you did last year both in school and in your personal life. Do not make the goal so hard that it is unattainable, pick something that with giving a little more effort you will reach (start small). Think about the areas in which you struggle academically (completing homework, math facts, independent reading, raising your hand in class, etc.) For a personal goal, think about how you interact with others and yourself. Chose a goal that will strengthen a relationship, it can be with your siblings, parents, friends or even YOURSELF. Life is all about making positive relationships with others and learning to navigate differences.
Parents life can get hectic with kids, family, activities, and work. I challenge you, as well, to set a goal of participating in your students learning. Ask questions about what they are learning, sit down and read with your child, check their homework, let them teach you about a new math concept taught in school that day. Find any positive way to make a connection with your student about school. School is such an enormous part of your child’s life, for some students they are at school longer than they are at home, therefore set aside a few minutes to TALK to your student about their day. By just listening you are able to glimpse into your student’s life and reality.
You will find that with goal setting you will find more meaning in smaller level decision making, because you are working towards something! When you reach that goal be sure to reward yourself! It doesn’t have to be huge or expensive, but make sure to acknowledge your accomplishment, because it will feel good!
As always, I encourage parents/guardians this year to please reach out with any question or concern, check in with your student daily, send a teacher an email, or learn how to get access to student grades/assignments. We encourage you to attend our parent educational nights and continue to watch your email and the school website for all up to date information for Egling Middle School.
Here is to a great school year,
Erika Lemenager